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The Peace Of Mind Real Estate Solution

Malcolm_Silver StandingMalcolm Silver, founder of Malcolm Silver & Co. Ltd., creates commercial real estate investments for the small to mid-size investor. His initiative, The Peace of Mind Real Estate Solution, is a simple and easy way to add real estate to investment portfolios.

Since 2002 Malcolm has been buying and renovating mixed-use run down space downtown near transit in Toronto and now in Hamilton. He is looking for investment partners in order to buy more valuable properties.

His philosophy? Buy run down buildings in rising areas near transit  that offer positive cash flow and long-term capital appreciation for his investors.

Learn more about Malcolm and his Investment Offerings, as well as our Questionnaires and Scorecards.

Our investment offerings are geared towards small and mid-size investors who share our philosophy, and want to acquire interests in promising properties in Toronto and Hamilton that will create capital gains.

To learn more about what we do and the process we follow, please review The Investment Property Sourcing Advantage™.

Investor, Seller or Tenant - We Want To Talk To You!

Our Commercial Real Estate Deals In Toronto And Hamilton Involve Many Players

  • Investors

    Investors looking for solid, profitable deals in Commercial Real Estate with $100,ooo to $2M to invest may be interested in our current and upcoming deals.

  • Sellers

    Owners of Commercial Real Estate in Toronto and Hamilton who are considering selling will want to consider speaking to Malcolm first.

  • Tenants

    We renovate and hold commercial real estate properties, and are often looking for long-term, reliable tenants for both commercial and residential space.

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